Covid-19: Establishment complying with Health Measures

Clean & Safe Property complying with health safety recommendations


  • The following information is available to all customers: How to take basic precautions to prevent and control infection relating to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.
  • The following information is available to all customers: Internal rules relating to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.
  • The establishment has: Pedal-operated waste bins with plastic liners.
  • The establishment has: Alcohol based antiseptic or alcohol based solution dispensers, at each apartment, house or shared areas and toilet facilities.
  • The establishment has: Sets of individual protective equipment available to clients (maximum capacity of the establishment).
  • The establishment has: Sufficient sets of individual protective equipment for all employees.
  • The establishment has: A room to isolate people suspected or infected with the COVID-19 virus, preferably with natural ventilation or a mechanical ventilation system, with washable outer coverings, bathroom, stocked with cleaning materials, surgical masks and disposable gloves, thermometer, handsfree waste bin, bin bags, bags for used clothing, a supply of water and non-perishable food.
  • The establishment has: Equipment for hand-washing with liquid soap and paper towels in shared WCs.
  • The establishment has: Single use cleaning materials in stock proportional to its requirements, including disinfectant wipes, bleach and 70º alcohol.
  • All Employees received information and/or specific training on: Internal rules relating to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.


  • The service organisation ensures: Decontamination of the isolation area whenever there are positive cases of infection, and extra cleaning and disinfection whenever there are patients suspected of being infected, particularly as to those surfaces that are frequently touched by hand and likewise most used, in accordance with Directorate General for Health instructions.
  • The service organisation ensures: The storage of waste produced by those suspected of infection will be placed in plastic bags, sealed with ties and then be disposed by a licensed provider that deals with the management of hospital bio-hazardous materials.
  • The service organisation ensures: That there is always an emergency contact of a responsible employee on duty to activate the procedures in the event of suspected infection (taking the person with symptoms to the isolation area, providing him/her with the necessary assistance and contacting the national health service).
  • The establishment ensures: Regular renewal of air in rooms and enclosed spaces.
  • The establishment ensures: All surfaces where people, employees and clients have contact are washed and disinfected in accordance to our internal protocol, ensuring the control and prevention of infections and antimicrobial resistance.